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Thank you so much for exploring our updates! I hope you find the content here useful and informative. Word of mouth advertising is the greatest complement but for those who want updated information about our industry, we find this is the best way to keep information flowing. Each stylist has at least 10 years experience & together provide an environment where you get the latest hairstyles, tips and advice for growing and maintaining healthy hair.  Our current demand of clients range from those who suffer from a change of hair texture due to medication or treatments to those who's hair may be thinning, over colored or processed, dry or unmanageable to the particular needs of Ethnic Hair Care and Cuts in general. There's no other shop in town who specialize in what we do! We aim to respect your time, your opinion and help you create and maintain the look that makes you fabulous! We offer Cuts, Fades and Line up's for Men & Women also proficient with Extensions, Weave's, Braids, Twists, Dreadlocks, Re-Twists, Wash N Press, Flat Iron and much more.